Pioneers that will come to share knowledge with the group include;

Dolores Whelan

doloresDolores has been involved with education all her adult life, initially as a Biochemistry lecturer, and for the past 25 years as an educator and spiritual guide working in the area of human and spiritual development. She holds an M.Sc in Biochemistry from TCD and an MA in Spirituality from ICCS California.  In 1983 she met Matthew Fox, a radical Dominican priest, who was offering a Master degree in Spirituality in California she intuitively knew she needed to be on that course!  She was right………. It turned her head inside out and her life upside down!

In 1986 Dolores founded the “Iomlanu Centre for Healing and Creative Living” in one room in her home in Dundalk. Iomlanu is derived from the Irish word Iomlan which means “wholeness”. The Iomlanu Centre became a beacon of light during the 1980’s and 1990’s attracted many wonderful teachers and seekers. It grew, developed matured and closed down in 1997.   But it essence remains alive in the many people whose lives were transformed by being a part of   the Iomlanu centre and its work.

In 2009 Dolores reclaimed the name Iomlanu Education (education in the pursuit of wisdom and wholeness) as brand for the new work she was bringing into the world.

Karen Ward

newkaren2Karen Ward is a Holistic Therapist treating her clients physically, mentally emotionally & spiritually. She has an honours degree in Biology from UCD (B.Sc Hons) & holds many holistic health qualifications including Holistic Psychotherapy & Coaching (MIACP, MEAC), Stress Management Counselling (MIHCA) & is a Shamanic Energy Therapist (Celtic ICSS, Q’ero Lineage, Four Winds).

Other non-practising qualifications include Holistic Dietician (IHCA & ITEC), Yoga teacher (YTTC) & a Body Sculpting & Pilates Instructor (MAABS, BodyFirm), a Reiki Master (USUI) & Reflexology (MIRI) & Aromatherapy Massage (ITEC).

Karen’s reknowned book ‘Change a Little to Change a Lot’ was published in 2009. That same year she was featured regularly on the Wellbeing panel of TV3’s ‘Morning with Martin & Sybil. Along with her sister Valerie she was the Yoga Teacher & Energy Therapist in the new BBC programme ‘The Last Resort’ screened in 2008/2009. However she is probably best known as the Holistic Therapy Presenter on RTE’s programme ‘The Health Squad’ which ran successfully for five years 2002-2007. The Health Squad book which she co-wrote was a best seller. She writes monthly holistic health articles for ‘Naturally Good Health’ & quarterly for Impact’s ‘Work & Life’ – bothl Irish health magazines. Karen regularly contributes on local and national radio programmes.

Karen runs the Rhiannon Clinic in Smithfield, Dublin. With her husband, John Cantwell, also a Shamanic Therapist she teaches in their School of Shamanism ‘Slí an Chroí’ ( Smithfield Dublin & also the Irish Centre of Shamanic Studies, Dunderry Park, Co Meath. She is honoured to count people from all walks of life as her clients

Manchán Magan

Manchan on Croagh Patrick 2 (1) (Large)Manchán Magan is a writer and travel documentary-maker. He has written books on his travels in Africa, India and South America {including Angels & Rabies (Brandon, 2006) and Truck Fever (Brandon, 2008)}, and written two novels: Oddballs, a novel of affection (Brandon, 2010) and Bí I nGrá (Coiscéim). He has written for the Guardian, LA Times, Washington Post and has been writing the Magan’s World travel column for The Irish Times since March 2008. He has presented and produced dozens of documentaries focusing on issues of world culture for TG4, RTE  &Travel Channel.

His TG4 series No Béarla, led to his bilingual plays Broken Croí/Heart Briste and Bás Tongue (Dublin Fringe Festivals 2009 & 2011), and Focal Point (Project Arts Centre, Feb 2013). Broken Croí/Heart Briste was nominated for 2 Irish Times Theatre Awards and won a Steward Parker Irish language Award, and led to a commission from the Abbey Theatre. He lives in his oak forest in a self-made hovel in Co Westmeath.

Mari Kennedy

mari yogaYoga teacher, mediator, singer, projects co-ordinator, collaborator  Mari is fascinated by transformation, and the evolution of consciousness. Inquirer, awakened heart and wisdom seeker she finds herself constantly standing at the edge not knowing anything!  Having lived mostly in denial for the first half of her life she has spent the last 8 years exploring the shadow – her own, and more recently the collective shadow.

Co-founder and collaborator in Phase 1 of the ireland: iceland project. Inspired by Integral Theory, ancient wisdom traditions and  mysticism she  is curious about how we can birth a new world and new realities both at a personal and collective level.

She creates alchemical spaces guiding people back to the wisdom of their hearts and the truth of who they are by transforming all that “appears” to be in the way of living life to its full and highest potential.  Her work weaves various  transformational practices including self inquiry, meditation, shadow work, yoga, movement, mindfulness, sound, ancient wisdom, and play.

Martin Enright


A retired primary school principle, Martin is a UCD graduate in Irish Archaeology and Modern Irish Language. He is passionately interested in traditional music, archaeology and natural history, which he weaves into his lectures and guiding. His broad interests are not accidental. His father, a Cork-born barber, had a keen interest in music but, interestingly, not Irish traditional music. While he played banjo and mandolin he came from the world of the musicals. Martin’s love of the sea and natural history comes from the other side of the house, his grandfather, uncle and all his mother’s people, were all fishermen.

Originally from Dingle Co. Kerry, Sligo has become his adopted home since moving here 40 years ago. A member of Comhaltas and the Yeats International Summer School Committee he is deeply knowledgeable about both traditional music in Sligo  and W.B. Yeats and Sligo’s literary connections.

Martin Byrne

Michael Harding

Pat Collins

Stefan Berg

stefanStefan Bergh is a lecturer in Archaeology at the School of Geography and Archaeology, NUIG where he also is the Programme Director of the MA in Landscape Archaeology. Born in Stockholm he studied Archaeology at the University of Stockholm from which he received his PhD in 1995. The PhD research was focused on the Irish Passage tombs in general, and specifically the Neolithic landscape of Cuil Irra in Sligo, and it was later published as a monograph entitled Landscape of the Monuments.

Stefan’s main archaeological interest lies in the interaction between people and landscapes in prehistory, and the way people actively used and transformed the landscape around them. The use of mountains in ritual and religion is in this context of particular interest. He has carried extensive survey and excavation projects in the west of Ireland and is at the moment finalising a monograph on his work for the last 15 years on Knocknarea Mountain.  For the last 15 years Stefan has lived at the foot of Knocknarea in Sligo.