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A key point of inspiration was Pat Collins’ What We Leave in Our Wake which we screened at The Model in Sligo to mark the conclusion of the project.

A filmic essay which unfolds as a series of conversations on Ireland, What We Leave in Our Wake explores themes such as emigration, mythology, consumerism, socialism, the place of the church in Irish life, the central role of land in Irish history and the sense of a civic society. Combining images of contemporary Ireland with an evocative blend of archive, the film questions what persists rather than the temporary fluctuations and trends, and talks to some of those uniquely placed to comment on how this country has evolved, featuring contributions from Joe Lee, Patrick O’ Connor, Leila Doolan, Iain McGilchrist, Peter McVerry, Declan Kiberd, Desmond Fennell and Olivia O’ Leary and archive recordings of John McGahern and John Moriarty among others.

The screening was followed by a public discussion with Pat Collins and the curators, with the Pilgrims in attendance.