During Pilgrimage we had two wonderful cooks on board to prepare beautiful food for everyone all week. Going under the name News of the Curd, Kevin and Robin are a cooking duo who host regular supper clubs in their home in Temple Bar in Dublin (every Wednesday and Friday if you want to pop along) not to mention pop-ups of all kinds all over the city and country. 

They are really passionate about irish food, small suppliers and foraging, so they seemed like the perfect people for Pilgrimage, and indeed they were. They worked so hard all week to make us breakfast, lunch and dinner, choosing ingredients that they knew would be slow release and full of energy to fuel our many walks and expeditions.  

They’ve just written a wonderful blog about their experience of the week, everything from their lift to sligo in Donal’s tetris packed jeep to their adventures in foraging, their impressions of the house and their encounter with Pat Collins.

A few months we had the pleasure of being invited to be involved in the Pilgrimage Project: a collective of Irish, Icelandic and Greek artists exploring cultural and historical themes on retreat in a far flung corner of the west of Ireland, Co. Sligo. Our part was to provide meals on-site for the group and their guests, hopefully providing them with healthy, satisfying locally sourced Irish food.

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